The water situation is a big worry for us here in the Mother City and we all have to continue doing our bit. Going forward, water saving should become the “new normal” – even when our dams are eventually back to the levels we need. Here are some top water saving tips from the City of Cape Town:

  • Only flush the toilet when necessary. Don’t use it as a dustbin.
  • Cut your showers to two minutes. A standard (non-water-saving) showerhead can use up to 16 litres of water per minute.
  • Collect your shower, bath and basin water and re-use it to flush your toilet, water the garden and wash your car.
  • Wait for a full load before running washing machines and dishwashers. The rinse water from some washing machines can be re-used for the next wash cycle.
  • Use a cup instead of running taps in the bathroom or kitchen when brushing teeth, shaving, drinking, etc.
  • Defrost foods in the fridge or naturally, rather than placing it under running water.


And currently under 4B restrictions, you need to:

  • Cut your water use to less than 87 litres per person, per day
  • Use municipal drinking water only for essential washing, cooking and drinking purposes, and only use indoors

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Do whatever you can – there’s a long summer ahead. Let’s hope August can bring as much rain as possible…