By now you’ve probably seen the new ‘Vodacom is red’ ad campaign. If you watch prime-time TV, then you’ll definitely know what I’m talking about, as the ads are shown during almost every advert break. I’ve been a Vodacom customer for years now but to be honest, I don’t really care what colour the company’s branding is. What matters is the service and the products they offer.

Wouldn’t you prefer if the money spent on the ad campaign was put towards delivering a better service? I wouldn’t mind seeing Vodacom make an effort to improve their 3G broadband products and service. They’ve fallen a bit behind with Cell C leading the way in 3G broadband pricing and speed. I also still have problems getting a decent 3G/HSDPA signal from Vodacom in some areas – even in suburbs like Kenilworth for example. There are areas for improvement.

Maybe they do have plans to improve certain things. It’s just not coming across in the new ‘Vodacom is red’ ad campaign. The TV ads lack substance and they get irritating after seeing them the first few times.

What do you think? Does it matter that Vodacom has changed branding colours from blue to red?

We’ll see a string of other companies having a go at the new ad campaign – Vodacom has just set themselves up for it.

UPDATE: Well, it looks like Vodacom does have some improvements in the pipeline. Vodacom has opened its new 43.2 Mbps HSPA+ network over 1000 base stations. The company will be rolling out new base stations for the new technology in the months ahead. This addresses speed but I’d still like to see an effort to improve pricing and service levels.

Responses to the ‘Vodacom is red’ ad campaign are causing a bit of a stir. There’s one in particular – the ‘Who’s the leader now?’ ad from Cell C – which Vodacom has launched an official complaint about. It’ll be interesting to keep tabs on that one.