I’ve recently switched over to Cell C to make use of their broadband service and I must say that so far, I’m pleasantly impressed. After using Vodacom data bundles for a couple of years with so-so results, I’m finding that Cell C’s speed and signal strength is far superior. It could just be area dependant but going forward, I’ll definitely be using Cell C.


After looking through the broadband options available at Cell C, I decided on the 2GB/R149 x 12 months contract option. This includes a USB Speed Stick which is capable of handling a max speed of 7.2Mbps. I see they also offer a MyZone wireless router as an alternative to the USB Speed Stick, if that’s what you’re looking for.

One of the main advantages of Cell C broadband, is that their high-speed HSPA+ network is deployed on the 900MHz frequency, instead of the more common 2100MHz frequency used by other providers. This contributes to the improved performance and stability of the network. It would be interesting to see how that measures up in different areas around South Africa. I can see a considerable difference in the area where I live.

If the 2GB monthly option is not enough for you, then Cell C also offers a 5GB/R299 x 12 months option, including a USB Speed Stick which can handle speeds of up to 21.6Mbps. There are also prepaid packages available with a once-off payment up front for the data, if prefer that over monthly payments.

Well done to Cell C for delivering a quality broadband service!