I’ve said it before and it’s worth saying again. The Parlotones are a very marketable band. Or should I say brand? This time round South Africa’s top rock band are breaking boundaries with the release of their new music video. ‘Life’s Design’ is the 2nd single from the band’s platinum-selling new album, ‘Stardust Galaxies‘. There’s been a whole lot of buzz around this video as it’s a clever collaboration between The Parlotones and KFC.

KFC have recognised the unique marketing opportunity The Parlotones can offer in South Africa:

KFC will be launching their snacks range along with the Parlotones snack box, these meals are aimed at the youth market who generally do not have the time to keep to regular mealtimes and tend to be hit by inspiration to develop outstanding projects. To capture true inspiration at work an authentic creative process had to be in place which led to the production of the most ambitious music video ever produced in South Africa.

To make the idea even more relevant, we had to make sure that the music video itself was inspired. Directed by maverick director Erik van Wyk, it utilises a technique that has never been used before. The behind the scenes shot over the three shoot days will form the basis of the forthcoming TV commercials promoting The Parlotones Snack Box.’

Look out for the video which is currently being aired on local channels. It’s a pretty cool video. And if you haven’t got the new CD yet, check it out here.

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