The growth in the number of self-storage facilities in Cape Town is indicative of a trend amongst Capetonians, and people around the world, to downsize homes for a variety of reasons ranging from economic necessity to a more mobile lifestyle, a report into the burgeoning self-storage market states.


‘Just 15 years ago, self-storage facilities were few and far between,’ Property Web SA reported. ‘However, the industry has ballooned because of macro conditions like urban growth, the economy as a whole, and new trends in property sales, as well as people’s propensity to move frequently.’

The self-storage industry has grown rapidly since 2008/9 when the South African economy went into recession and the old self-storage model of a row of garages has given way to multi-story climate-controlled buildings with 24-hour access and security.

According to Chris Oosthuizen, National Sales and Marketing Manager of Stor-age, one of the main operators in the Cape Town self-storage industry, the company has 17 facilities in operation and another 18 are under construction.

‘Self-storage provided the perfect solution for the additional furniture and possessions that once took up precious garage and spare room space no longer available to homeowners who’ve moved into smaller sectional titles and flats,’ Property Web SA stated.

However, moving good into storage is not just about economic necessity it is also reflects a growing trend of apartment living and a mobile lifestyle that sees people move more frequently.