The SA Guide Dogs Association is once again holding a raffle where the main prize is a brand new VW Polo VIVO. Tickets cost R20 each and the money goes towards the training of guide dogs, who so wonderfully assist those in need. One such guide dog is Shyann and I’ll leave it to her to explain more about the competition.


Hello everyone, I’d like to introduce myself: my name is Shyann and I moved into the Marina da Gama just over two years ago. I want to thank everyone who has been so friendly and caring. I go for a walk almost every day and I meet so many new faces. Every time I get stopped, kissed and hugged, I feel so loved and welcomed here. There are wonderful places to walk, run and just roll around, and very occasionally swim.

I was on my way to the parlour for a wash and blowdry and a mani and pedicure last Wednesday with my companion, Dawn. She had told me she’d booked me in for a treat, so on the way there, while we were walking, I decided to make the trip to the parlour well worth it. I ran off, without telling her, jumped into the lake for a swim, then had a wild run on the field and a good roll in the dirt. Boy was I exhilarated when I caught up with her across the road from the parlour. I’m not usually so wild. I take good care of her, as she does of me. We cuddle together at night and she whispers into my ear, especially now that the weather has turned a bit chilly.

When we’re out walking I have to introduce her to the people in the neighbourhood. We’re often at the local restaurant, or out and about doing talks and I help her inspire people. She’s in a wheelchair, so it is up to me to make sure that people see her, and speak to her and get to know her. Too often people ignore those in wheelchairs, maybe they just don’t know what to say. So I make sure that they don’t just ignore us, I encourage them to come over for a chat. I am a trained carer, and I go out of my way to help Dawn. I pick up things if she drops them, I carry things for her when she struggles to walk. I accompany her all the time and call for help if she needs it. My training was paid for by people just like you. People who care about helping those who are different; those who are blind or in wheelchairs.

Dawn and I are selling raffle tickets to help raise funds to cover the cost of training other carers like me. It costs a minimum of R10,000 to train each one of us. If you are prepared to help, then please feel free to contact Dawn on 083 226 8250 or email her at and buy a raffle ticket or two.

The closing date for raffle entries is 9 November 2012 and the draw takes place on 7 December 2012. Like I mentioned before, the main prize is a 1.4 VW Polo VIVO. It includes air conditioner, mag wheels, power steering, radio/CD and ABS brakes.

For more information on the guide dogs, visit

Go on, support a good cause and who knows, you might just win a brand new car! Good luck 🙂