It was sad to not see a third season of the reality show SA’s Got Talent this year. The series really stood out for me as one of South Africa’s best reality shows and the previous two seasons have been very popular. Of course, some people argue that South Africa’s version of the show is not quite on par with the American and British versions of the show and I agree to some extent – it’s difficult to compete with the huge production of America’s Got Talent and the US talent base is much bigger. But it’s still a pity that the show hasn’t returned, as it did showcase some of our real talent here in South Africa.


SA’s Got Talent has great entertainment value. Whether you’re having a laugh at some of the not-so-great acts in the audition stages or enjoying the more talented participants in the show, SA’s Got Talent gets people talking and generates a buzz. And it’s accessible to all, since it’s on SABC.

The previous two seasons of the show have produced worthy winners in hip-hop dancer Darren Rajbal from Durban (season one) and opera singer James Bhemgee from Cape Town (season two). Maybe there’s someone else out there who South Africa is missing out on?

If there’s a lack of sponsorship issue, then surely there’s a company out there who can pick up the ball on this one. It would be great to see SA’s Got Talent 3 in 2012. What do you think?

Moving onto other SA reality shows, I’m really enjoying the new Come Dine With Me South Africa series on BBC Entertainment. There have been some really entertaining episodes! And MasterChef SA is going to be interesting to see as well. Best of luck if you’re auditioning for the show.