If you’re a dog owner, then let me introduce you to a great new app called DoggyDo. Designed and developed locally by Shani Judes, the app has been adding value to the lives of dog owners and their four-legged best friends, since it’s launch last year.


DoggyDo is the first app of its kind specific for South African Dog Owners. It is available on both the Play and iOS stores.

The app lists all the dog-friendly restaurants, accommodation, camping spots, shops, vets, trainers, rescue organisations and more throughout South Africa. One hundred percent South African and completely independent, DoggyDo was inspired by Bennett the Welsh Terrier and developed by Shani Judes.

The app is a great platform for both dog-friendly businesses and for the dog industry. The geolocation function helps dog owners find what’s around them, which is great for visiting new places, and in emergencies when one needs a vet.

DoggyDo has officially over 3600 downloads, and is growing by 45 new users per day day. Judes is aiming for 5000 downloads by April, the app itself has over 600 listings and more are being added each day.

The first update of the app was recently released and it sees some great new functions, there is now a social media aspect where users can create a profile for their dog, chat with one another and make Doggy Dates and more.

There is also a new Emergency section – this is to let people know the 24 hour vets and there will be some posts created around what you can do in an emergency.

For more information, visit http://www.doggydo.co.za or check out the app on the Play and iOS stores.