I received some interesting news from Nedbank today. An optional new Nedbank Greenbacks Shop card will be available to members of the Greenbacks loyalty programme. At first glance, it looks like a welcome benefit to the programme which previously limited you to spending your Greenbacks on a small selection of products and services at selected shops.


From the information available, it looks as though Greenbacks earned will automatically be loaded onto the Nedbank Greenbacks Shop card. You can then shop online or at any store worldwide that accepts American Express®. You can also use the card for purchasing fuel and drawing cash. Another nice feature is that you’ll be able to track your Greenbacks balance/Rand value on the card at any Nedbank ATM.

This certainly sounds like a more convenient way of using Greenbacks, so I’ll be keen to see how it works. Note the little disclaimer on requesting the card… ‘Due to the SA Post Office strike there might be a delay in the arrival of your card’. Hopefully that won’t cause too many delays!

Is it just me or are the banks trying to up their game with regards to their loyalty programmes? I’m certainly not complaining as it’s nice to get something in return!

For more information on the Nedbank Greenbacks Shop card, call 0860 555 111 or visit your nearest Nedbank branch.

UPDATE: Well, I’m pleased to say that I have my card – collected it at my Nedbank branch in the end. As far as convenience goes, it’s great. Your balance on the card accumulates as you spend and you can use the card where American Express is accepted. Sure, it takes time to build a decent balance (unless you’ve lucky enough and have big bucks to spend) but every little bit helps these days, doesn’t it? 🙂

The one improvement I’d like to see is that you see the Rand value of your Greenbacks balance when you login to the Greenbacks website to check your points balance. As far as I know you have to check your Rand balance using an ATM. Unless anyone else knows of another way?