Wola Nani fund-raising book sale at Howard Centre.

From 9pm until 6pm

At Howard Centre


Wola Nani fund-raising book sale at Howard Centre Thursday 24/11 - Tuesday 29/11 A charity book sale supporting Wola Nani is being held at Howard Centre in Pinelands from Thursday 24 November to Tuesday 29 November. Books, CDs and DVDs will be available at the pop-up fundraiser, with proceeds going to support the NGO's work with women, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) affected by the Aids crisis.

The sale will offer a broad variety of well-ordered reading matter with curated fiction selections for South African authors, classics, contemporary crime writing, vintage detective fiction, thrillers, historical fiction, sci fi/adult fantasy, romance and children's. For non-fiction audiences, interests in War, History, Biography, Esoteric, Mind Body & Spirit, Business/Management, SA Current Affairs and Armchair Travel will be well represented. Lovers of Art books, Africana, antiquarian volumes and other collectible ephemera will find gems amongst the coffee table books. There will also be Poetry and Plays as well as Cookery books on sale.

The sale will be 09:00-18:00 (Monday - Friday) and from 09:00- 15:00 (Saturday & Sunday) giving shoppers all the time they need to browse the curated selection of stock. "Wola Nani" is an isiXhosa term that loosely translates "to embrace".

Established in 1994, the non-profit organisation is committed to assisting people living with HIV/Aids, to be able to help and support themselves and to offer aid and relief to HIV stricken communities. The NGO was established as a result of economic restrictions on welfare spending and a big increase in the number of HIV/Aids cases.

In its bid to curb this, Wola Nani introduced programmes to help HIV positive people in local communities to cope with the emotional and financial constraints brought about by HIV/Aids. For further information, or to donate books, please contact Mark (mark@wellread-books.com) on 083 342 2261 or visit wellread-books.com.