Devil's Peak , Table Mountain And Lion's Head

Hike 3 Peaks Three Days In A Row (Devil's Peak, Table Mountain and Lion's Head )

From 5pm until 10am

At Table Mountain

Devil's Peak , Table Mountain And Lion's Head

Free of charge

Can you Climb 3 Peaks in 3 Days? Before winter really hits the Cape Town shores, how about challenging yourself to one last exhilarating experience? Throw in a mix of breath-taking views, friends and refreshing drinks as a reward and you have the 3 Peaks Fun Challenge brought to you by L7 Craft Beer.

Here is what you need to know about the Three Peaks Fun Challenge: Taking place on 10, 11 and 12 May 2019, the 7th edition of the 3 Peaks Fun Challenge will awaken the hiking-adventurer in you as you will be climbing Cape Town’s iconic peaks in just over 3 days. Participation and registration are free, and we invite the public to come out to enjoy the outdoors in our beautiful city with a growing community of sport enthusiasts, nature lovers and some awesome beer. All are welcome!

If you cannot hike all three peaks three days in a row, you are welcome to climb on just one or two of the days, although it is always fun to challenge yourself to see how far you can go. Also, this is not a race, so you will be climbing at your own pace, but it is important to note that the team will start together and gather together at the top. After each hike comes a refreshing reward in the form of L7 Craft Beer, a unique craft beer inspired by South Africa and made with the precision of traditional Belgian brewers – the perfect recipe for the perfect hike.

All hikers will meet at a pre-determined place afterwards for drinks and some time to relax and socialise. Register on the 3 Peaks Fun Challenge website, it’s free.

Friday, 10th May Lion’s Head Parking of Lion's Head - 5:00 pm for 5:15 sharp

Saturday, 11th May Devil’s Peak Parking of Devil's Peak start - 8:15am for 8:30am

Sunday, 12th May Table Mountain Right of cable car - 8:15am for 8:30am

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE THE FOLLOWING: To comply with Table Mountain regulations, attendance to the event is limited. This means that by registering, you accept that registration does not automatically guarantee your participation in the hike. We will keep you updated by email.

• Weather updates will be provided.

• Please be punctual – that way, everyone can start together.

• No responsibility will be held by the organizers in respect of injuries or lost items.

It is always good to give yourself a challenge, so why not join L7 Craft Beer for this fun day out - savouring nature while getting a full body work out at the same time.