This past weekend I overheard two dog owners discussing which Cape Town beaches they could take their four-legged friends for a walk on. The subject has been up for debate in recent times with the City of Cape Town trying to find a solution for dog lovers and also beach-goers who’d prefer not to have dogs around. It’s unfortunate, as a small number of incidents will affect the majority of dog owners with well-behaved dogs. But that’s the case with most things isn’t it.


With that said, Cape Town’s dog-friendly beaches can be broken up into four categories:

  • No dogs allowed from 09h00 to 18h00, during the months of November through to April
  • Dogs on a lead allowed
  • No dogs allowed at all
  • Dogs allowed and no lead required

We’re fortunate to have some stunning beaches in the Mother City and I know how fun it is to go for a run with your dog on the beach. With summer on the way, make sure that you know exactly where you and your best friend can go. You can view the full list of beaches at Take care.