The city of Cape Town is experiencing a trend in entrepreneurial spaces, which allows both proprietor and entrepreneurial tenants to benefit from this co-working ingenuity.


Entrepreneurial spaces are about making the personal choice to work alongside other people instead of in isolation. It’s a great concept due to its inherent appeal to the dynamic of the start-up culture.

“There is definitely a trend in the development and opening of co-working spaces in Cape Town. It seems a new space is opening every few months, and there are some major players involved, such as the V & A Waterfront and MTN,” says George Gabriel, Co-founder and Director of Operations at Daddy.O

At its core, co-working enables collaboration and community in an office environment. While technology driven, co-working spaces include entrepreneurs of every industry and profession. It facilitates collaboration, networking and community development.

A factor that influences the appeal and popularity of these spaces is the flexibility of not having to commit to long-term leases.

“This allows them access to office infrastructure such as, kitchen and boardroom facilities, receptionists, and even internet connectivity without their company having to solely cover all of these overhead expenses or compromise on their company’s professionalism,” says Rob Kane, Chair of the Cape Town Central City Improvement District

The attitude promoted by most co-workings is of helping out and reaching out and collateral benefit.

As social media has become omnipresent, the workplace is drastically changing to demand more social collaboration and interaction. People have an inherent desire to work alongside like-minded people and feed off other people’s energy and passion

Developments including Wi-Fi, cloud computing and social media have ignited the co-working movement, and it is a strong part of the socioeconomic development in a city.

Alan Alston, contact person for 80 Hout Street, says that co-working spaces are a benefit to the city as more “creatives” are entering the CBD on a daily basis. “It is also a benefit as you are able to share the rent, which makes these once before-unattainable spaces more affordable.”

It also allows for densification in terms of more people using the same space to work from. With the age of developing in a vacuum dead, and co-working promotes collaboration in an open environment with more landlords within the central city being eager to implement the concept.