With the introduction of City Walk Saturdays, taking place every third Saturday of each month, the event forms part of an initiative to change the way that Capetonians engage with each other and their surroundings through public spaces.


“The City Walk is a new addition to Cape Town’s multi-faceted central city experience.

Starting in the Company’s Gardens and progressing up the Fan Walk to St Andrew’s Square, with the route being outlined through way-finding signs and supporter decals.  Attendees will be able to experience public art, walking tours and retail offerings, bringing these spaces to life,” says Skye Grove from Cape Town Partnership.

The walk seeks to achieve a similar energy to that of First Thursdays, Moonlight Mass and Open Streets by giving the residents a platform through which they can participate and contribute.

Unlike these events, there is no limit to a specific date and time, although the monthly City Walk Saturday will act as a flagship to invite the public to proactively come into and celebrate their city.


Cape Town Partnership CEO Bulelwa Makalima-Ngewana says, “The streets of a city are the ultimate public unifier and acts as the base unit of public space that belongs to every single citizen. We recognise that Cape Town still often presents its history in ways that many of us don’t identify as our own.”

Cape Town dweller, Pearl Boltman gushes while telling us how much she loves this event, “I coincidentally stumbled upon this event by chance, while exploring the city and have been hooked since. I love the fact that the event places such emphasis on the city – reminding us all that we share a common denominator and that’s Cape Town.”

And with winter on our doorsteps, Cape Town Partnership has ensured that we won’t have to miss out on this culturally enlightening event.

“We put our winter plan into action for the June, 20th event and those that follow. This latest strategy consists of events taking place indoors, concentrating on venues along the Fan Walk. One of these venues will be the Lutheran Church located in Strand Street. This special tactic will allow for more intimate performances like spoken word and poetry creating a warm and inviting environment for attendees,” says Grove.

So if you want to experience the Mother City in a different way, join Cape Town and walk with us on 18 July.