I’ve been a Cell C data customer for a while now. The SmartData 2GB package doesn’t last long with today’s content heavy internet but depending on your needs, it might work for you. The SpeedStick / wi-fi router is fine to use but recharging could be a lot easier. Cell C provides an online service where you can check your data balance, invoice history etc. One thing that continues to puzzle me, is the lack of an option to buy data using that online service.


How to buy Cell C data bundles for your SpeedStick / wi-fi router:

Instead, you have to phone Cell C customer care to process an additional data bundle (I’m sure none of us enjoying waiting on the line for a call centre) or you can:

  • take the SIM card out of your SpeedStick / wi-fi router
  • insert it into your phone
  • dial *147#
  • follow the prompts to buy a data bundle
  • then finally insert your SIM card back into your SpeedStick / wi-fi router

That’s maybe not too much of an inconvenience if your monthly data package is sufficient for the month but if not and you find yourself having to recharge, a more efficient way of buying data to use with your SpeedStick /wi-fi router would be great. And with the new Cell C data tariffs, you don’t want to be using the out-of-bundle rate.

Is there an easier way of loading data bundles without swapping the SIM card? Simply adding an additional option to the online service could be the way?